orgrr: org-roam-ripgrep

Org-roam v2 is an amazing project and brought org-roam to a new level of sophistication. Still, I never made the switch. As a reminder, the crucial difference between the two was the move from files as the main unit of interaction to “nodes”, which are org headlines with an org-id attached to them. This allowed for impressive graphs and more thorough linking to headlines (and even to show backlinks for nodes) but it never clicked with me and so I continued to use v1.

This worked fine for me until recently, where some weird emacsql problem broke the interaction between Emacs 29 and orgroam v1 on a new (old) intel Mac from work, which I wanted to use for field research (instead of my newer and expensive MBP). Enter orgrr:

Orgrr is an almost feature-complete replica of the core functionality of org-roam v1, built using ripgrep(rg), a lot of regex and hashtables. It does recognize alternative note titles (#+roam_alias) and tags (#+roam_tags) as introduced by org-roam v1. Orgrr currently only works with org-files (i.e. files ending in .org). If you also miss the first version of org-roam or prefer to not use databases (or to reduce dependencies), then this might be something for you.

PS For full text search I strongly recommend deadgrep, which also uses rg.

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