Copy org-ified toot to clipboard/org-journal (mastodon.el)

(On the left is the orginal toot, on the right is the “org-ified” version pasted into org-journal.)

There is a lot of useful information flying around in Mastodon. Some of it I would like to archive in my text-based database (i.e. org-roam). To access Mastodon inside Emacs I use mastodon.el. This little hack copies an org-ified version of the “toot” at point in the mastodon.el timeline to the clipboard. It uses the URL of said toot to pull it’s title from the web (via org-web-tools) and creates an org-link as the heading/context for the toot. The content of the toot is then pasted between #+begin_quote and #+end_quote. I also added a keybinding (“j”) for this to work inside mastodon.el.

Caveats: For boosted toots you need to focus on the original toot first (via “T”). Line breaks are still a bit of a mess.

((defun lt/mastodon-toot--copy-orgified-toot-to-clipboard ()
          "Copy org-ified toot at point to clipboard."
            (let* ((toot (mastodon-tl--property 'toot-json)))
            (when toot
              ((url (alist-get 'url toot))
               (content (mastodon-tl--content toot))
               (html (org-web-tools--get-url url))
               (title (org-web-tools--html-title html)))       
     (insert content)
     (fill-region (point-min) (point-max))
     (let* ((content (buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max)))              
            (complete-toot (concat "\[\[" url "\]\[" title "\]\]\n\n" 
               "#+begin_quote\n\n" content "\n#+end_quote\n\n")))
            (kill-new complete-toot)
(message "Copied: '%s' to the clipboard." title)))))))
(define-key mastodon-mode-map (kbd "j") 'lt/mastodon-toot--copy-orgified-toot-to-clipboard)

Update 2023_02_04: I played around with this setup and decided to directly paste the toot into an org-journal entry. The following code will add that functionality to the keybinding “J” (when in Mastodon.el).

(defun lt/mastodon-toot--copy-orgified-toot-to-org-journal ()
          "Copy org-ified toot at point to org-journal."
            (org-journal-new-entry nil)
 (define-key mastodon-mode-map (kbd "J") 'lt/mastodon-toot--copy-orgified-toot-to-org-journal)

Btw: If you replace (org-journal-new-entry nil) in the second snipped with (org-capture nil "xyz") (whereby xyz stands for a template key) this should also work with org-capture.

Update 2023_02_11: Added a correction for the arbitary line breaks (via fill-region in a temporary buffer).