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Adding orgrr-related-notes

I wrote a new function to better surface related notes for my minimalist org-roam v1 clone orgrr. The function collects all notes related to a given note to the second degree – the backlinks for the backlinks and the outgoing links mentioned by outgoing links. To use the image of a family, it considers parents…

Adding orgrr-projects

One of the main ideas of the Zettelkasten-approach (“This is the way”) is to be able to pull out a number of cards and to look at them at the same time. For a while I tried different ways to replicate this with orgroam (and orgrr). One of my ideas was to open all relevant…

orgrr: org-roam-ripgrep

Org-roam v2 is an amazing project and brought org-roam to a new level of sophistication. Still, I never made the switch. As a reminder, the crucial difference between the two was the move from files as the main unit of interaction to “nodes”, which are org headlines with an org-id attached to them. This allowed…

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