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After weeks of anxious waiting nvALT 2 has finally come out and what a fine piece of software this thing has become… The three things I like most about this version:

1. Preview with custom.css: If you know how to type in textile or multimarkdown nvALT lets you preview a compiled version of your document (this feature was already included in earlier versions and is really just a keystroke away). The new version allows you to add a custum.css file and now everything I type here looks like a real post in the preview.

2. OpenMeta support with autocompletion: Every note now can have its own OpenMeta tags. OpenMeta was added already earlier in the original Notational Velocity project of which nvALT is a fork. nvALT adds the autocompletion/suggestion feature.1

3. Support for nv-references: Like in the original Notational Velocity, nvALT now supports nv-urls.

1 Really looking forward to use this with Leap.