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If you don’t use Textpattern you may want to skip this post. Written during a few moments were doing real work was almost impossible but spare computing time was left, this post deals with an offline blogging solution for Textpattern.

Again and again I tried to find a nice tool to streamline blogging with Textpattern – i.e. a tool to avoid using the webpage itself to post stuff. For Wordpress and MoveableType MarsEdit has become the weapon of choice for many. However, somehow it did not work with my setup.

Enter Ecto, which I discovered only recently. Ecto interacts nicely with Textpattern (during the setup stage it even offers the option of a Textpattern blog). Textile works and you can use a custom CSS to preview your post. Remember to set the correct RPC path.

Only adding pictures to a post remains an issue. Textpattern usually requires using a web-frontend to upload pictures. When posting via Ecto I now use the URL of images that I put on my FTP server before. Cyberduck is a great tool for this and allows to easily copy the URL of any file on a FTP Server.