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If it was me, I would only call the police and then walk away, I would not help her up. Reason is as follows: 1, afraid of being accused, afraid that as soon as I saved her, her parents would come out accusing me of hurting her. 2, after saving her no one will claim her, and I have to foot the medical expenses, if her parents do not show up then it would be hard for me to leave/remove myself from the situation. 3, In the circumstance that we still do not know the specifics of the traffic accident, I’m afraid if I save her then the police will catch me as the perpetrator, I can only think of these, I hope other netizens can add more. If there are people who agree with me, please repost, and I also hope the editor/author will not delete this post, as I too am a good person/law-abiding citizen.

This view seems to be mainstream. What is the deal with the lack of compassion and empathy in China?

(via Lady Who Helped Little Girl Run Over by Van Rewarded 25K – chinaSMACK)