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Another Summer Hiatus
23 August 2013

Summer hiatus
27 September 2012

A few hours in London
19 November 2010

Went to London to take part in a roundtable discussion with a delegation of the 国土资源部 (Ministry of Land and Resources) and was left with a few hours to roam the city before flying back.

Drinking coffee with Chris

A cemetery

Attacked by squirrels

AiWW is everywhere

Touristy stuff

The Puppy Kingdom (or Hell)
8 September 2010

We got to Guiyang the day before yesterday. Fieldwork is almost completed and I’m recovering from a cold. Today we went to a market in downtown Guiyang, which obviously also has a section for pets (and their food). Following are some (feverish) shots from there…

Update 09.09.2010
Cai Ting made me aware of the movie 三花 by Ai Weiwei, which is digging into the animal rights issue in China. It’s in Chinese with Chinese subtitles, very graphic and probably NSFW.



and more

"Headquarters Historical Site of the the Ninth Chinese Red Corps"
29 August 2010

Taiqi in the morning

During the Anti-Japanese War (that’s the official translation) 1937-45, Zhejiang University moved to Meitan, more than 6 provinces and 3000km away. One can still find several buildings from that periode, including a catholic church.

A buddhist monastery

My friend, the earth god and his wife having a snack

A swim

Cai Ting’s shop

They are really into tea.
29 August 2010


they are really into tea

and into chillies

more village life


More pictures from Meitan.
27 August 2010


in the morning


village life

10 reasons to thank the party

They have special offers here.
26 August 2010

I just arrived at our place for the next few days and found some great gadgets in my bathroom (from left to right, starting in the back):

Woman&Man Vibrating (wtf?) & Condom

Night Light Natural Rubber Latex Male Condom

Man’s underwear …a great offer at 10 Yuan!

Kslus – Holy Oil “Enjoy the comfort fun” “…Men of God oil: eradiction of premature ejaculation…”

Women Sex Oil – Ladies exciting style (no shit!)

Three safety razor blades

Sanitary Lotion male and female versions, marked only in Chinese. I guess foreigners don’t care.

Compressed Towel “Place the towel in water for seconds and see what will happen!”

Women’s underwear

Totally unrelated fact: Guizhou has some similarities to Pandora. Really!

Preparing for Guizhou.
22 August 2010

Can you spot the Schnaps?

(Inspired by the great flickr-group whats in your bag.)

Paketband rettet Leben.
9 Juli 2010

34°C draußen, 32°C drinnen.