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The number of Beijing cars finally broke the five-million mark last week. The slight glimmer of good news is that due to the license plate lottery that was put into effect early last year Beijing only added 173,000 cars to the road in 2011 (a drop from more than 700,000 in 2010), dramatically postponing the proposed date for hitting five million by nearly a year.

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Ai Weiwei’s walled compound looks like a well-guarded fortress, with one minor incongruous detail. The prominent security camera on the wide street outside belongs to the Chinese authorities and is trained on the entrance so they can watch who comes to visit China’s most famous artist and political dissident.

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I´m back in good ©old Shenyang, after an intended 2 1/2 weeks vacation in Thailand that turned into almost one and a half months. Worse things can happen than being stranded in this wonderful country for a while, though. So just for the record, I´m not complaining here. Just telling the story why it took so long.

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A friend of mine struggles to apply for a working visa during Chinese New Year.

McAfee, the security company, said that if any employee’s device was inspected at the Chinese border, it could never be plugged into McAfee’s network again. Ever. “We just wouldn’t take the risk,” said Simon Hunt, a vice president.

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Artist Ai Weiwei published the private cell phone numbers of several people on the Internet November 20, making them suffer from many prank calls. The editor-in-chief and an editor of Global Times were among the victims. This is a prominent case in which political dissent drives people to take immoral activities. Unethical political struggles are more active in China’s microblog sphere now and even many intellectuals and social celebrities are involved. This should not happen in a rational society.

This is really funny. Especially if you take into account that Ai has been held custody for 81 days in an undisclosed location.

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Saint Cyr, a family doctor at Beijing United Family Hospital said, “Beijing’s air pollution levels are right now astonishingly high and very hazardous to anyone: The AQI at the US Embassy is over 500 – the machine doesn’t go higher than that! Please, everyone take care!”

Though many Web users showed great concern over the deteriorating air quality in Beijing after reading his microblog, Chinese doctors, local residents and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau seem less worried.

“It was only slight pollution, which was not bad enough for people to wear masks,” said Du Shaozhong, deputy head of the bureau, who said Saint Cyr’s suggestions did “not reflect the real air conditions” in Beijing.

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Apparently, a rival group calling themselves the “Confucius Prize for World Peace” quietly emerged on September 21, the International Day of Peace — that’s one whole week before we found out the original organisers had been disbanded.

(via Shanzhai Confucius Peace Prize appears, original organisers not amused: Shanghaiist)

Last year, at least 30 runners in Fujian welshed their way into the top 100 of the province’s International Marathon by hopping onto public transport or by hiring ringers to stand in for them.

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The accident is reminiscent of, although apparently less deadly than, the high-speed rail crash that happened in Wenzhou this July. In fact, it appears the same company may even have been responsible for the signaling system on both the Wenzhou train and the Shanghai subway (in both cases, the system appears to have failed). And the reaction of China’s social media is similar, too. Just like it did after the Wenzhou accident, Sina Weibo has exploded.

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In recent years some began to believe dogs are close friends of human beings and shouldn’t be eaten.

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